Braille Boot Camp: Braille and Tactile Graphic Production


A  workshop for paraprofessionals and other beginners to braille and tactile graphics productions

James C. Durkel Conference Center

Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired 

Austin, Texas

 Braille Boot Camp is four days of hands-on experiential learning focused on braille and tactile graphic production.  Susan Mattson and Sharon Nichols will lead participants through both small group and individual activities to create braille and tactile graphic documents. 

Activities include:

  • Braille Document Production for Literary, Foreign Language, Mathematics and Technical materials
  • Tactile Graphic Production of one-page and multiple-page tactile graphics
  • Creation of Templates for basic shapes and Cartesian coordinate planes
  • Applying braille format and tactile graphic placement decision-making
  • Document conversion into editable text
  • Opportunity to work with graphic embossers and software programs used in producing tactile graphics

All sessions start at 8:30 am and end at 4:00 pm

For Additional Information visit the Braille Boot Camp webpage.

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James C. Durkel Conference Center, TSBVI
Austin, TX